Services A-Z (304)


3D Printing Request


Access Request

Access to JAMS

Access to WyoCloud Enterprise Performance Management

Add or change EC

Add or change PEC

Add or Remove Group Leaders to a WyoGroup.

Add/Disable County Manager

Adding Supplemental Instructors

Advance General Question

Advance Problem

Advance Request for Change

Analytics Development Access Request

Apple Developer Request

Apple Imaging Request


Archive Wyocast Recordings


Banner Administrative system (Internet-native Banner) problems

Banner Administrative system (Internet-native Banner) question

Banner Administrative system (Internet-native Banner) request

BI feedback and comments

Billable ATS Services

Billing Coordinator Update

Budget Change Request


Card Reader Issue

Cascade CMS Required Training

Centralized Software Distribution

Change Cost Center Approver for Organization

Change in WyoCloud PPM Personnel

Change Website Permissions

CMS Site Author Training

Combine Course Shells

Contact Tracing Positive Diagnostic

Contact Tracing Survey

Content Management Service account (CMS)

Content promotion for digital signs

Contract Service

Create Purchase Order

Custom Image


Data Warehouse General Help

DegreeWorks Problem

DegreeWorks Question

Degreeworks Request

Delete Test Shells

Department Applications Problem

Department Applications Question

Department Applications Request for Change

Department Device Check Out

Department Device Check Out

Departmental UW account

Designee Request

Desktop Repair

Digital Sign Request

Digital Signature Certificate Request

Domain Only Account

Door Security Request


Email Issues

Email Only Account

Email Whitelisting Request

Employee- IT Billing Statements

EORI Computer Issue

EORI Software Request


Expenditure Corrections

External Collaborator


FAST Web Team Omni CMS Site Editor Access Request


General Request to ASO

Google Cloud Project Request

Google Workspace for Education Plus Access Request


Hours of Operation

How do I install Microsoft Office on a UW owned computer?


I am having problems with my Alcova allocation

I am having problems with my calendar.

I am having trouble installing software.

I am having trouble printing.

I am having trouble with a Research Support service.

I am having trouble with an administrative application.

I am having trouble with course evaluations (EvaluationKIT).

I am having trouble with my distribution list.

I am having trouble with my email.

I am having trouble with my website.

I need assistance with a research data management

I need assistance with HPC code optimization/development

I need classroom consultation services.

I need help in a computer lab.

I need help restoring deleted emails

I need help with antivirus software.

I need help with malware or a virus on my computer.

I need help with my classroom.

I need help with OneDrive.

I need help with WyoCourses.

I need my print quota adjusted due to a misprint.

I need new computer set up.

I need software installed

I need to check out a multimedia device, such as a camera.

I need to connect to WyoSecure (VPN).

I need to create, modify, or delete a website.

I need to create, transfer, or retire a project

I need to give someone else access to my calendar.

I need to have a PrintPress queue created.

I need to increase my storage allocation.

I need to reset the password on my distribution list.

I need to two factor with a passcode.

I need to update who receives emails on a departmental alias.

I want think-cell to create professional presentations.

I want to add money to my print quota.

I want to change my website space quota.

I want to create a new distribution list

I want to create, modify or delete an Exchange Resource.

I want to delete a distribution list.

I want to get added to a distribution list.

I want to purchase Adobe for my UW computer.

I want to purchase Microsoft software for a UW owned computer.

I want to redirect web traffic.

I want to request a Camtasia license.

I want to request a professional alias.

I want to request ArcGIS software -- WINDOWS ONLY

I want to request Respondus.

I want to request SAS software

I want to request SPSS software.

I want to use mobile printing in the labs.

I would like a new DNS Site

I would like to request a service move.

ID or Badge Mail Request

ImageNow Access Request

ImageNow Problem

ImageNow Question

ImageNow Request for Change

Individual UW Account

InfoEd Problem

InfoEd Question

InfoEd Request for Change

Institutional Marketing Website Help site

IT Billing question or issue


Jams Move/Parameter Change Request


Lab Locations

Lab Software Request

Laptop or Tablet Repair

Laser Printer Repair

Library Administrative Systems Request

Library Applications Problem

Library Applications Question

Library Applications Request for Change

Linux Support

LTI Integration Request


Make a request

Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha Information

Medical Center IT Help

Microsoft Office 365

Mills Access Request

Modify access to a report

Modify PowerBI workspace membership

My UW account is locked


New Door Request

New Machine or Rebuild

New Web Directory Request

New Web Directory Request

No Cost Extension Request


ODS Freeze Request

Office 365 Storage Request

Omni CMS Help

Omni CMS New Site Author Training

Omni CMS Online Tutorials

Omni CMS Site Editor Access Request

Operational Data Store (ODS) problem

Operational Data Store (ODS) question

Operational Data Store (ODS) request



Paper or toner needed in a lab

Pathfinder Storage Request

PISToL Problem

PISToL Question

PISToL Request for change

PowerBI General Help

PowerBI Migration Request

Pre-Print Personal ID Card Request

Purchasing and Licensing

Purchasing computers and technology peripherals at UW


Qualtrics Division User Request

Qualtrics Missing Surveys


Redirect to ARCC Services

Remote Lab

Reopen a Closed Course

Report a problem with lab printing

Report a suspicious email.

Request a new PowerBI Workspace Stack

Request a Project on Alcova

Request a Quote from IT Sales

Request a Test Shell

Request a WyoGroup

Request Access or Help with a BI Issue

Request Additional Group Storage

Request an Incomplete Section

Request Assistance

Request Concluded Course Access

Request for Hardware Upgrade

Request for Hardware Upgrade

Request New or Change Organization/Department

Request New Program or Activity code

Request Shell Increase

Reserve DHCP Address

Reset/Clear Course Content

Retiree Microsoft Office Installation Request

ROAMWyo Access Request

ROAMWyo Profile Update


Satellite Cluster Service


Security Camera Request

SharePoint Site Change Request

SharePoint Site Request

Single Sign-On Requests/Changes

Site Author Virtual Open Lab Appointments

Site Owner Change Request

Software for students at educational discounts

Software Media Check Out

Software Support

Software Training

Spam email

Special Account Deletion

Spouse/Dependent Door Access Request

Student- IT Billing Statements

Student Schedule Change Request

Submit an issue

Suggest a new BI report or changes to an existing BI report.


Time Clock Plus Correct Time in Closed Period

TimeClock Plus Access Change

TimeClock Plus Access Removal

TimeClock Plus Access Request

TimeClock Plus Job Code Addition

Transact (formerly Blackboard)


Upgrade to Windows 10

UW Casper Event Request

UW Casper IT Help

UW Casper Student IT Help

UW Poll Everywhere Account

UW Survey Tool Link Report

UWIT Training Workshop Schedule


Vendor VPN Account

Verified Push Exception Request


Walk-in Service Center

Website Decommission Request

Windows Desktop Replacement Initiative

Windows Imaging Request

WyoCast Request

WyoCloud General Request

WyoCloud HCM Support

WyoOne Card Issue

WyoOne Departmental Card Request

WyoRecords problem

WyoRecords question

WyoRecords request


Zoom Cloud Storage Request

Zoom Large Meeting Request

Zoom Webinar Request