I am having trouble connecting to the Internet.


See the Procedure below for a few steps to try when experiencing connection issues.  You can also report connection problems through the Request Help button and we will get in touch with you.

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All network users.


  1. Am I connected to the network? On a windows system run ipconfig /all from the command prompt. On a mac or linux system run ifconfig from a terminal. Make sure you have a campus ip ( or If you do not you have not connected to the network. Check your connection and try again.
  2. Am I having issues with one website or service or several websites or services? From a web browser try to use www.google.com. If you can it may be that the site you want to use is having issues. Try again later.
  3. Do I have different results between on campus resources and off campus resources? From a web browser try to use www.uwyo.edu. Then try www.google.com. If one works and the other does not it helps support understand the scope of the issue.
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