I want to request a professional alias.


UW offers professional email names free of charge to UW Employees, Academic Affairs Appointments, and Graduate Students.

Professional email names allow mailboxes to be known by more than one name. Using a professional email name, for example, John Doe (whose username is jdoe127) could receive email sent to jdoe127@uwyo.edu or John.Doe@uwyo.edu.

Professional email names are available in the form of the user's firstname.lastname@uwyo.edu or preferredfirstname.lastname@uwyo.edu as currently registered with Human Resources or Registration and Records.

To change your preferred first name, see Can I change the way my name displays for my UW email account? Requests for changes to your preferred name require approval. You will be notified by email when your request has been completed.

If the standard professional email name choices offered on the Professional Email Name Request form do not reflect your name properly, you may indicate your preferred professional name, which must include a "." and be based on your name, as a special request in the Comments section of the form. Please explain why you are making the request. Special requests are subject to approval.


Standard professional email names: 
John Doe (whose username is jdoe127), and whose preferred first name is Johnny, can choose eitherJohn.Doe@uwyo.edu or Johnny.Doe@uwyo.edu.

Special request professional email names:
For example, Johnny Jack Howard Doe, who goes by Johnny Jack Doe can make a special request forJohnnyJack.Doe@uwyo.edu.  If Johnny goes by J.J. Doe, he can make a special request for JJ.Doe@uwyo.edu. However, because a "." is required, jjdoe@uwyo.edu is not available. Likewise, David.Doe is not available as it is not based on Johnny Jack Howard Doe.

Professional email names and your Display Name

Your display name and your name in the Global Address List (GAL) will remain unchanged.

Once your professional email name has been created, contact the IT Help Desk if you need assistance with changing Approved Senders, or other UWspam settings, as the UWspam website will no longer provide this information.

You may continue to release Blocked spam messages from the UW Quarantined Messages emails.

Available to

This is available to UW Employees, Academic Affairs Appointments, and Graduate Students.


To request a professional email name, please click "Request an Alias" and fill out form appropriately. You will be asked to sign in again.


  • Updating permissions on a departmental alias
  • Changing the way my name displays for my UW email account
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