I want to purchase Microsoft software for a UW owned computer.


The University of Wyoming is a participating member of the Microsoft Academic Select License Program. As a member, UW is able to secure volume pricing on various Microsoft products. This significantly reduces the costs incurred by UW departments and colleges. 

Downgrade rights grant the right to use prior versions of Microsoft® software. Customers who acquire licenses through Microsoft Campus and Select agreements qualify for downgrade rights. Information Technology may not always have the media you need for older versions of applications or systems.

Microsoft Software Documentation - UW departments can purchase documentation for Microsoft products through Microsoft Press Books. EnPointe Technologies sells titles at 20% off the listed prices. Order your books from EnPointe Technologies at 1-800-751-5706 ext. 7252 and tell them you are with the University of Wyoming.


Available to

This is available to faculty, staff, and students to install on a UW owned computer. 

Note: The license for Microsoft will have to be held in a benefited employees name.

In the past, some UW affiliated state and federal agencies purchased licenses through UW's Select Agreement with Microsoft. Please be advised that many state and federal agencies may not be eligible to receive Academic Select licenses. When an agency requests new or upgraded licenses, an eligibility review will have to be made. If upon review it's determined that the requesting department is not eligible then UW will not be allowed to provide the requested product. Departments will be directed to the requesting agency's procurement department.

Note: All software and licenses obtained through the Select Agreement remain the property of UW. Payment can be sent to the IT Front Desk, Information Technology Center.


To view product availability and pricing, and to place an order, click the order button and then go to Microsoft under Categories.  Select the the products you want to purchase, view the cart, this is where you can change the licensed username if you are ordering on behalf of another, and click the the Pay Now button during the check-out process. Once your order has been placed, there will be a printable page with the details of your order. 


Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice.  Please click the Order button to see a list of current prices. 

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