Lab Software Request


Software can be requested to be added to computer labs across campus.  

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Computer labs are available to faculty, staff, and students.  The request must be submitted by a supporting Faculty or Staff member.  


To begin the software request, please click "."Once software has been submitted, it will require approximately 30 days to evaluate for compatibility with the lab system. The evaluation period will be used to determine if the software can be run from the UWStudent server, installed only in selected labs because of licensing constraints, or developed for installation on the student's H: storage area. If the software adequately functions in the lab environment and meets other requirements then an estimated installation date will be set. At this point, the Academic Support Unit will consult with the responsible parties to work on an install procedure that will work best to meet their needs. 


There may be a $25 an hour charge to develop and install the software, depending on the complexity and if the software has been developed for use in the past.   

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