Web CMS Self-Paced Training

Web CMS Level 1 (Introduction) training is available through in-person workshops and self-paced training. Remote attendance to in-person workshops is available through Zoom. Register for in-person workshops from our training portal, http://uwittraining.uwyo.edu and, if you would like to attend remotely, email us at computer.training@uwyo.edu with a request. (Without an email, we will not send a Zoom invitation.)

While we highly recommend in-person training, we understand that it does not fit into everyone’s schedule. Self-paced training is available by completing the request form. Important information regarding CMS self-paced training:

  • Those who wish to complete CMS self-paced training from a computer that is not on the UW network will need to install and setup the Pulse Secure VPN client to be able to access the Cascade CMS. (See the UWIT Service Center for assistance with Pulse Secure.)
  • Access to self-paced training is based on the availability of CMS training sites. Periods of high-demand lead to new requests being added to a waiting list.
  • Once access is granted, an email with instructions and materials will be provided, with access remaining open for 14-days.
  • Training will require the completion of multiple exercises that will be reviewed by CMS instructors. Successful completion of the exercises will fulfill CMS training requirements.
  • Instructor support will not be readily available during self-paced training. If you need additional assistance, we recommend attending an in-person workshop. 
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