Email Whitelisting Request

UW IT supports the global whitelisting of email from UW service providers with sufficient business case. Please note that existing whitelisting requests that have not received an email in the past year are subject to removal without notification.

We prefer to work with vendors who support Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and/or DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) when implementing these whitelists as it improves our ability to keep pace with changes the vendors make to their mail services.  It is also beneficial if we can discuss appropriate whitelisting methodology with the vendor, when possible, either directly or through the appropriate UW contact.

For vendors who need to be able send email from a UW address, we ask that they be configured to send email from a subzone of; e.g. instead of  This allows us to be able to implement SPF records related to these vendors without exceeding the limitations of the SPF protocol.

For a list of vendors UW IT has worked with to ensure appropriate delivery of email, please see Whitelisting of Vendor Email.  

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