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Teton, the ARCC high performance storage system (HPS) is a high speed, tiered storage system designed to maximize performance while minimizing cost. Teton is intended to be used for storing data that is actively being used in research.

Storage Allocations

Each individual researcher is assigned a standard storage allocation or quota on /home, /project and /gscratch. Researchers who use more than their allocated space will be blocked from submitting jobs until they reduce their use, or in the case of /project, purchase additional storage. The chart below shows the storage allocations for individual accounts and the cost of additional space.

Directory Descriptions

/home: Private user space for storing small, long term files such as environment settings, scripts, and source code.
/project: Project specific space shared among all members of a project for storing short term data, input and output files.
/gscratch: Node specific space for storing short-term computational data relevant to jobs running on that node.

Directory Summary Table

Backed up?
Default Allocation
Total Size
Media type
Additional Storage Cost
Supported Protocols
/home No 25 GB n/a Tier 2 TBD NFS, CIFS, GPFS
/project No 1 TB n/a TB Tier 2 TBD NFS, CIFS, GPFS
/gscratch No 5 TB n/a N/A N/A N/A
Note: GPFS support on the desktop requires purchase of a GPFS license.

Augmenting Capacity of Disk Allocation
Researchers working with or generating massive data sets that exceed the default 5 TB allocation, or having significant I/O needs should consider the following options:

  • Rent space on shared hardware
    There is a set price per TB per 3 years. Please contact ARCC (arcc-info@uwyo.edu) for the exact price.
  • Purchase additional storage disks to be incorporated into Teton
    This option is appropriate for groups that need more space than the free offering, but don’t have the extreme space or performance demands that would require investing in dedicated hardware.
  • Buy your own dedicated storage hardware for Research Computing to host
    If you need more than about 15 TB of storage, or very high performance, dedicated hardware is more economical and appropriate. The exact choices are always evolving. Please contact ARCC (arcc-info@uwyo.edu) for details.

File Deletion Policy
This describes ARCC’s file deletion policy.

/home: Home directories will only be deleted after the owner has been removed from the University system.
/project: Project directories will be preserved for up to 3 years after project termination.
/gscratch: Files may be deleted as needed without warning if required for system productivity.

Available to:

This is available to faculty, staff, and students.


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