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UW users who need to access certain UW computers from off campus now use two methods to verify their identity. This is called two-factor authentication, since the identity of the user is verified in two ways: 1) their username and password and 2) their identity through a, simple, easy to use application on their cell phone. While hackers half a world away may be able to steal or hack a username and password, they cannot get access to a phone in the user's possession. Users will need to log into the two factor authentication site to use two factor authentication.

For users who do not have a smartphone, authentication can also be created by entering a passcode that is sent to any phone, through a phone call, or by a key fob (there is a one-time fee to pay for the key fob).

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Users who access data other than your own in HRMS, PeopleSoft, or UW financial information remotely need two-factor authentication for that access to be secure.  All customers who access employee self service have access use two factor authentication to get into self service.


Click the Request Service button and let us know what you need access to that requires two factor authentication.  We will process your request and let you know when you can start using two factor authentication to connect to the secure systems.  

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