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IT Maintenance has certified technicians to provide Warranty Assistance and Parts/Labor services for institutionally-owned computers and laser printers. 

Available to

Apple (Macintosh) Operating Systems
IT is an authorized Apple Service Provider. We offer warranty support for all Apple computers and out-of-warranty support for selected Apple products. 

Dell Hardware
IT is a Dell Authorized Service Provider, offering warranty support for all Dell computers, servers, and laser printers.

Non-Warranty Support for PC Hardware

We have A+ and Dell certified technicians who can assist you with your PC computer repair and laser printer repair needs.


Click on "Request Service" and fill out required information. You can request that your item be picked up or you can bring it to ITC. Once your item has been received, diagnostics will be run and a request authorizing needed repair will be sent to you. After receiving authorization, repairs will be made and an invoice created. The invoice must be paid in full before your item will be returned to you. 


PC/Apple Maintenance Rate
Time and materials (1/2 hour minimum) $40 per hour
Non-software installation or setup
(1/2  hour minimum)
$40 per hour



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Service ID: 9478
Wed 7/1/15 3:38 PM
Sun 3/31/19 2:29 PM