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Help! I have an IT-related problem and need assistance.

Request Access to (ECC)

Need to access the JAMS scheduling system? Used to have access, but got a new computer recently? Start here!

WyoCloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is used to build budgets by budget managers across campus. This document outlines the process of requesting campus user access to this system.

Get assistance in viewing your monthly IT Billing statement.

If you are having an issue with the Advance Alumni Tracking application, report it here

Report a problem with an application

If you have code that needs to be submitted to Apple through UW, or updates to a UW Apple App, request it here

ARCC would like to request a new service account for email ( Because it will be a service account that a system will connect to, it needs to not have two factor auth.

If you are having an issue with the Banner Administrative system, report it here.

Billable ATS Services

If you are a new Billing Coordinator for a department and need Budget access.

If there are charges on your Telecom Statement that need to be changed to a different Budget.