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Microsoft SharePoint is a web-collaboration platform that provides an integrated suite of server capabilities including comprehensive content management, enterprise search, shared business processes and information-sharing facilitation.

SharePoint supports a delegated administration model based upon site collections. The site-collection administrator can create additional sub-sites, control user and group permissions through Active Directory and modify the function and layout of sites to support the needs of each group.

SharePoint is designed to accommodate the skill levels of a variety of users, so that even those with limited web-design experiences can begin contributing content to the project or department. SharePoint also features powerful integration with Microsoft Office, permitting users to edit documents in Word or Excel and save them to SharePoint or to use Microsoft Office Web Apps to view and edit Word, Excel,and PowerPoint documents in a browser window.

Available to

This is available to everyone on campus. Every department can have one SharePoint site. Within the one department SharePoint site, groups can create sub-sites. To see if your department has a SharePoint site, click here.


To request a new UW Sharepoint site, please click "Request Service."

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Wed 6/10/15 3:12 PM
Sun 3/31/19 1:59 PM