I need to change the number of my two factor authentication account.


If you get a different phone number than the one that is currently set up in your two factor authentication account.  Due to the sensitive nature of the information your two factor account gives you access to, there are special authentication steps that must be taken to ensure that we are only making a change to your two factor account for you and no one else.

Available to

All UW faculty and staff.


If you have multiple devices enrolled in your two factor account, you can simply authenticate with an alternative method and then manage your devices.

To manage your devices:

  1. Click on My Settings & Devices
  2. Confirm your identity by authenticating with one of your previously enrolled devices
  3. From the Settings window, you can identify a default device, as well as rename and delete devices

If you only have one device enrolled and it is no longer available, please click Request Help here and we will contact you with more information.

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