WyoOne Departmental Card Request

First time Student and Faculty/Staff IDs are FREE.

Requests for individual or multiple cards produced in the WyoOne ID Office - including WyoOne cards, service cards, and badges. No cards are made until billing coordinators are notified and budgets are provided. Please plan accordingly. Cards may take at least one business day to be made, this may be longer during heavy traffic times.

If you are paying for your replacement yourself (the department is not), please use our Pre-Print ID Request Ticket, or just come into the office.

If you are requesting an upgrade from the old-style card to the new style, please use our Pre-Print ID Request Ticket.

If you are requesting a first-time ID (you have not had one in the past), please come into the office instead.

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Service ID: 29143
Tue 7/17/18 5:00 PM
Tue 9/20/22 11:41 AM