InfoEd Request for Change


If you need to make a change or modification to the InfoEd Grant Tracking system, this will allow you to submit a support ticket.

These could include

  • A need to schedule a vendor supplied patch or update
  • Implementing a new module, functionality, or report within InfoEd
  • Setting up data feeds with or between InfoEd and other applications 
  • Implementation of an entirely new application related to InfoEd


  • No need to call your problem into the Service Center or Help Desk
  • No need to call a specific developer or email several people
  • Your change requests will go to the entire team of developers that work with InfoEd
  • The ability for you to add all important details to the ticket and monitor its progress

Available to

  • Anyone with a UW Account

Submit your request for change by selecting the Request Service button on this page.  Quickly fill out a small form and the ticket will be routed to the correct personnel.

Request Service


Service ID: 14817
Wed 9/7/16 3:38 PM
Sun 3/31/19 4:30 PM