I need to connect to WyoSecure (VPN).


UW IT provides the Wyosecure VPN or virtual private network to allow off-campus users access to certain internal UW resources that are protected behind the University's firewall. Examples of protected resources include sensitive data such as student and personnel information and medical and financial records. 

WyoSecure is used as part of all remote access connections. Two Factor Authentication and Ivanti Secure allow access to areas that cannot be accessed with WyoSecure alone. WyoSecure will allow access to self-service and non-public websites. It requires a valid UW username and password to login. Some of these areas may require a higher level of security in the future.

Through WyoSecure (https://wyosecure.uwyo.edu) a user can create a VPN connection without installing any additional programs on your computer. Since no additional program is needed, WyoSecure can be used on any device equipped with Internet access, including smartphones, public computers, or tablet computers. There is also a feature to allow users to create bookmarks to automatically connect to internal UW websites and UW file storage. Only certain browsers are supported. Please also remember to log into WyoSecure with your username, not your username@uwyo.edu.

Available to

Faculty, staff, and students who need to access secure data off-campus.


Log into WyoSecure at https://wyosecure.uwyo.edu. If you have any trouble with WyoSecure, please click the Request Help button and describe the problem to us.

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