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Two Factor Authentication

Services related to two factor authentication.

Accounts & Passwords

Services for your UW account, special accounts, administrative accounts, and computer domain accounts.

Not sure what type of account you need. Check this comparison:

Network & WiFi

UW wireless, wired internet connectivity, and VPN remote access related support and requests.

Software Support & Licensing

Software available to UW faculty, staff, and students, including Microsoft, Adobe, Office 365, Statistical software.

Email and Calendar Services

Request assistance with email, calendars, and mailing lists.

Hardware & Printing

Report a problem or open a request for computer, laptop, tablet or printer.

Student Services & Labs

Computer labs, multimedia equipment, lab schedules, remote lab system and lab software.

Instructional Technology & Classroom Support

WyoCourses, Wyocast, and classroom audio and video.

Teldesk & IT Billing

Requests and Support for phones, data port activation, and IT billable items.

Research Support - ARCC

Request access and assistance for various research support resources, such as the campus compute cluster, Teton and Alcova

Website Design & Collaboration

Services related to creating, updating, changing permissions, and deleting websites.

Project Changes & Requests

Request a project (new software/technologies) or a change to software/technologies already in use on campus.


Student Resources, WyoRecords, Employee Self Service, WyoCal, Campus Map, WyoCourses.

UWIT Training & Courses

IT Workshop Schedule, Self-Paced Training, Specialized Training, Training room reservations.

Department Applications

Hosted applications for departments

Server Hardware, Quotes, and Virtualization

To request information about UW managed servers, please contact

Storage and Backups

Services for requesting storage space, creating backups, and restoring files.

UW Extension

IT assistance for UW Extension


WyoCloud is the University of Wyoming’s Human Resources and Financial principal cloud solution. All HR-FIN administration transactions are processed through this system. WyoCloud website:

UWIT Medical Center Services

This service is used only by the UW Family Medical Center staffs in Cheyenne, Casper and Laramie. This service automatically processes to the UWIT Staff located in those facilities.

UWIT Casper Services

These services are to be used only by faculty and staff in UWCasper

WyoOne ID Office Requests

Services for your WyoOne ID, other cards your department needs, door swipe security, and other card/security requests

Integration Development

Requests for the IT Integration Team

Integrations allow various UW systems to communicate with each other to support UW operations. These can be done through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), flat file transfers, or other means

Research and Economic Development

Research and Economic Development requests

Data & Reporting

Data Warehousing, Reporting and Analytics, PowerBI, and Oracle Analytics Cloud

Services (2)

>>Help me! I have a problem!

Help! I have an IT-related problem and need assistance.

Security Incident Response Ticket

This is to be submitted when there has been a breach of PCI, GLBA, PII or a General Security Breach to report the issue.