Reserve DHCP Address


Information Technology Security Office has installed a firewall device between the campus network and the Internet.  The firewall will provide greater security for the campus network from the escalating attacks of hackers.  The firewall isolates the campus network from the outside Internet while allowing campus users to access the Internet. 

The IP addresses of servers available to the general public will be in a special zone called a DMZ (for demilitarized).  The IP addresses of these systems will change and will have to be reentered manually. Operators of these systems need to request a reserve DHCP address. Users of servers that are not available to the general public can still access the servers from off campus by using VPN to access their servers.


Available to

Customers  with one of the following needs can request a reserved DHCP address:

  1. Servers that require access from outside of UW’s data network.
  2. Print servers that do not use DHCP. 
  3. Machines that do not properly use DHCP.
  4. Systems that do not adequately support DHCP such as some versions of Unix, RICOH network printers, DNS servers, Domain controllers, etc. These requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Click Request Service and fill out the form.  A Reserve DHCP address will be assigned a new static address and will have to manually install the address.  Users should consider carefully if this would be a good time to switch to DHCP assigned addressing.

Request Service


Service ID: 9105
Mon 6/8/15 2:17 PM
Sun 3/31/19 1:49 PM