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Spam has grown into a massive problem – not just at UW but nation-wide. The Spam problem is a difficult one to solve. Although Spam filtering software is well developed, even the most sophisticated software occasionally misreads some legitimate messages, treating them like Spam. Techniques used by spammers to evade Spam filtering software are constantly evolving, as are the rules used to detect the Spam. 

UW Information Technology has blocked over more than two million phishing and SPAM messages per week.

The Division of Information Technology has reviewed various software alternatives to help reduce the flow of Spam into the campus community. Based on available support, features and cost, an IT Anti-Spam committee has chosen PureMessagefrom Sophos to help curb the Spam that plagues university email inboxes.

Note: all UW Exchange users should receive a daily email message from PureMessage listing quarantined spam messages. For information about options for this service, including how to opt-out and continue to have spam tagged and delivered to your Inbox, see the Spam Blocking at UW web page.


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This is available to faculty, staff, and students.


If you are still experiencing problems with SPAM in your email and would like further assistance, please click "Request Help" and fill out with as much detail the problem you are experiencing. If you would like to add attachments, please do.


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