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A Domain Only (Authentication Account) special computer account can be used for a particular business function within a department, or for outside consultants, (by sharing the account password*). Domain Only accounts have the same functionality as normal computer accounts including user login, network disk space, and access to network resources.  However no UW email is granted to these special accounts.  Special computer accounts are limited to an 8 character maximum length.

  • *Special computer accounts grant an elevated level of access to University-wide computer resources and can potentially be used for malicious behavior. It is always best to keep a one-to-one relationship between users and accounts to maintain accountability. If multiple people have access to an account and it is abused or used in a malicious way, assigning accountability is impossible. 

For existing accounts, changes need to be requested or approved by the account holder.  This includes password changes.

Available to

Click on the "Request Account" icon on the right.  Fill out the form fields completely and a request will be submitted to UWIT.  Our agents will verify the billing is approved with the departmental billing coordinator, generate the account, then respond to your request with the account name and instructions for accessing the account.


If you would like to request a Domain Only (Authentication Account) UW account, please click "Request Change" and UWIT will processes your account request.


A Domain Only (Authentication Account) UW special accounts are available for a small monthly fee and will be included in each department’s monthly telecommunications bill. This fee covers the costs of software licenses, server resources, and administration. 

Special Accounts                            Rate

Special computer accounts             Varies

** reasonable justification required 

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