I would like to schedule specialized training.


Information Technology Software Training labs in rooms 171 and 173 are available for use for units of the University of Wyoming wishing to do specialized, one-time, computer training. The labs are not available for recurring use.

NOTE: having the Software Trainer in Information Technology instruct these classes is not an option.


  1. Information Technology computer training courses have scheduling priority in the computer training labs.
  2. Training labs are only available for use during normal University work hours.
  3. If specialized software is needed, please see the Lab Specific Software section below.
  4. Room usage fees must be paid at time of booking.
  5. Information Technology reserves the right to reschedule, relocate, or reject an event.
  6. The Department using the room agrees to reimburse Information Technology for any damage to furniture or equipment during the use of the room.
  7. No food is allowed in the IT Computer Training labs. Coffee pots are available for use.
  8. Information Technology technical staff will be available upon request at a rate of $15 per hour additional.



Information Technology staff will have training rooms set up as appropriate. Training rooms will be made available 30 minutes prior to event start time.


Clean Up:

User agrees to clean the training room to meet the condition of room prior to use


Lab Specific Software:

  1. If a specific software product needs to be loaded, the Academic Support Unit will need to be contacted prior to completion of the room usage agreement.
  2. When requesting that software be added, instructors will need to include the media, licensing agreement, license keys if needed, and documentation.
  3. Upon receipt of the software and accompanying documentation, the Academic Support Unit will evaluate the product to determine if it will work in the Training Labs’ system.
  4. The Academic Support Unit requests 30 days to evaluate the software. After the software has been evaluated, an estimated install date will be provided. Once the install date has been established, the room usage agreement may be signed.
  5. Software evaluated by the Academic Support Unit is at a charge of $15 per hour.


Available to

This is available to faculty, staff, and students.


If you would like to request a specialized training room, please click "Request Service" and fill out the form with the appropriate information.


Room Number Number of Workstations (Model) Projectors VTC? Fee* Operating System Software Available
171 24
(Dell Optiplex 7010)
2 front,
1 back
Yes $100 Windows 7 MS Office 2010, 2013,
Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Acrobat Professional
173 12
(Dell Optiplex 780)
1 front,
1 back
Yes $50 Windows 7

* the Fee listed is per Session or Day. For example, reserving room 171 for a 4-hour session would cost $100. Reserving room 171 for a 4-hour session on two different days would cost $100 per day. 

Each of the rooms has a black and white duplex printer and annotation capability on the instructor machine. Rooms 171 and 173 both have WyoCast capabilities.

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