I want to add money to my print quota.


Each semester all enrolled students who have domain accounts are provided a $7.50 print credit. Faculty and staff do not receive a printing allotment, but can purchase print credit in the Information Technology Center as described below. 

Available to

Print quota increases are available for enrolled students who have domain accounts.


To increase your print quota you can click "Request Service." You will then be able to enter your UW username and password and increase your print quota. Or you can go to ITC, with cash or check, and see the Lab Assistant there to increase your print quota.

Request Service

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Using the UWStudent Print Quota Increase Utility, students can agree to be billed for increases to their UWStudent print balance instead of paying for print quota increases in advance.

Quota increases will be available immediately.


Service ID: 9229
Thu 6/11/15 3:05 PM
Mon 9/9/19 4:39 PM