Expenditure Corrections

If there are charge(s) on your Telecom Statement that need to be corrected to a different budget, please select "Request Correction" to the right. 

Please keep in mind, in order for changes to be made and reflected on the next months statement, requests need to be received 5 days before the 1st of the month following the charges. 

Example: If April (01-MAY Bill Date) charges were processed and you want the correction done by the JUN-01 statement for May charges, requests need to be received 5 days before the 1st day of June. 

The correction will show on your statement under the service as a Charge Code labeled "EXP CORRECT". You will see a (-) for the credit on the original budget and a charge on the corrected budget. (example given in PDF)

Please indicate in the ticket request if this change should be made permanently to the new budget or if this is a one-time credit needed.  

If you need assistance in filling out the form, please see the PDF to the right for instructions.   

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mia Langworthy at 766-4901 or mgraff@uwyo.edu

Request Correction


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