I would like to change my UW username.


Username changes are allowed for the following reasons:

  1. Legal name changes due to marriage, divorce or court decision
  2. Username change to protect the identity of people involved in legal actions. 
  3. Unprofessional usernames selected by the user before auto-generation of usernames existed
  4. Unprofessional usernames (defined through common knowledge or popular culture)

The naming convention in Banner for the username is as follows. The ID is constructed from the first character of the user’s first name and up to seven characters of the user’s last name. Non-alphabetic characters other than periods, hyphens, and underscores are removed. If the ID is not unique, the last digit(s) are replaced with one-up numbers until the ID is unique.

Users may not select their username.

Available to

All users with an UW Domain account as long as one of the criterion listed above is met.


If you are currently employed by the University of Wyoming, a Username change request can be submitted through Human Resources -  http://www.uwyo.edu/hr/records/# and click on Updating Personal Information for further instructions.  

If you are a student attending the University of Wyoming , a Username change request can be submitted through the Office of the Registrar - https://www.uwyo.edu/registrar/undergraduate-students/Forms_and_Petitions.html and click on Name Change Request. 

Once username changes are approved by either the Office of the Registrar or Human Resources, UWIT processes the change on the Tuesday business day of the week it was approved.



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