Request New Program or Activity code

Program – The segment pertains to the unique specialization within the department/organization. Codes are grouped by division/unit/department but can be used by departments from across campus if applicable.

Activity – The segment provides more opportunity to further differentiate a transaction for departmental or unit reporting purposes. This segment is definable by the department by using the generic codes that have been loaded into WyoCloud. There are placeholders for Project 1, Project 2, etc., Activity 1, Activity 2, etc., Game 1, Game 2, etc., Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2 and each department can assign what the code means for their use.


Requests for new program and activity codes can be made throughout the fiscal year and will be reviewed by the Budget and Accounting Offices prior to receiving final approval. In order for the new program or activity code to be available in WyoCloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), requests need to be submitted by February of the prior fiscal year.

Requests can be submitted by financial personnel within the department/organization such as the Business Manager, Accountant, etc.

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