I need help with antivirus software.


The University of Wyoming uses Webroot for its antivirus protection.  For personal computers, you may choose to install one of the free antivirus applications such as Microsoft's Security Essentials or AVG, or any other antivirus software that you prefer (free or otherwise).

Available to

This is available to faculty, staff, and students.

Note: Webroot is the antivirus software provided free of charge to all University of Wyoming (UW) staff and faculty members for use on all UW-owned Windows computers, and is also installed on all UWSTUDENT lab computers.

Note: if you want to install antivirus software on your personal computer, UW employees and students may choose to install free antivirus software on personal computers, such as Microsoft’s Security EssentialsAVGMalwarebytes, or any other antivirus software that they prefer.


If you have a university owned computer and you experiencing problems with Webroot or you have questions with antivirus software for your personally owned computer, please click "Request Help" and provide as much detail as you can and click "Request."


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