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You may experience an account lock out when you enter an incorrect password more than three times or when changing your password it is important to remember that your previous passwords will be made invalid. This is important because most people have cell phones, tablets, computers and/or computer programs that access UW Domain resources such as e-mail, UW WiFi or Warehouse networked storage. Once changed your password will need to be re-entered into any service or device connected to UW resources. If these device passwords are not updated they will continue to attempt, and fail, to authenticate to the UW Domain. This will result in your account being automatically locked for too many failed authentication attempts.

The most common cause of automatic lockouts following password changes comes from smart phone (iPhone, Android, etc) and tablet (iPad, Nexus, Amazon Fire, etc) devices attempting to connect to UW WiFi or check UW email. To resolve these issues, it may be necessary to update your password in more than one area of the device settings. For example, properly updating a password on an iPhone or Android phone will require updating the WiFi password; email, calendar and contacts password(s); and the passwords used by any third party Apps.

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Account lock outs can happen to faculty, staff, and students.


Account lock outs last for 15 minutes and then the account will automatically unlock and you will be able to enter your username and password. If you continue to experience an account lock out please click "Request Help" and fill out the form. If it is during normal business hours you can also call the Help Desk.

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