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Email lists (a.k.a. listservs’) allow email sent to a particular address to be distributed to multiple mailboxes. For example, mail sent to 'uw-faculty@uwyo.edu' can be redirected to multiple individual mailboxes that have been subscribed to this list.  Mailman is the Web-based email list manager at the University of Wyoming. It allows list owners to create and modify lists easily as well as add and remove subscribers without having to know specific commands. List subscribers can easily modify their list subscriptions and preferences.

Naming Requirements

Mailman list names must:

  • be between 4 to 32 characters long (inclusive)
  • include at least one hyphen ("-") character
  • be unique (no two lists may have the same name)

Mailman list names may not:

  • Contain spaces or special characters other than a hyphen
  • Begin with the word "owner"
  • End with the words “-admin”, “-bounces”, “-confirm”, “-join”, “-leave”, "-owner", "-request", “-subscribe” , “-unsubscribe”, or "approval"

Available to

This is available to faculty, staff, and other UW employees.


To request a new distribution list, please click "Request New List." You may be asked to sign in once more. Fill out the form and press "Submit Form"

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