Guides on Team Management tools such as reviewing your employees' information, processing changes and terminations.

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Guides on setting up and managing goals for your direct reports and team.

Performance Evaluations

Guides on conducting performance evaluations for all types of employees.

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Accessing Supervisor HCM Reports

Locating Human Resources dashboards and reports available to Decentralized Human Resources Representatives (DHR) and Supervisors (Line Managers) within Reports and Analytics.

Changing Employee’s Manager

Changing line managers (supervisors) for employee(s) within your area of supervision.

Employee Termination

Completing a termination by ending an assignment for an employee within your line of supervision.

Entering an Absence on Behalf of Your Employee

Steps as a supervisor to enter an absence on behalf of your employee when the employee is unable to enter their own absence.

Manage Compensation

The basic steps needed to make compensation changes for employees within your area of supervision.  Compensation is supplemental or additional pay beyond base salary.
Common types of compensation awards are mobile communication devices, temporary increases, and supplemental pay.

Manage Salary

The basic steps needed to make permanent salary changes for employees within your area of supervision. Salary is an individual’s base pay (not any type of additional or supplemental pay). The Manage Salary feature is utilized to initiate retention (counter) offer or a pre-approved equity adjustment.

Processing Transactions as a Non-Primary Assignment Supervisor

Completing transactions when your employee(s) are not available under My Team. For all employees with multiple assignments, HCM notates one assignment as ‘primary.’ When the assignment you supervise the employee in is not the one indicated as primary, you are unable to see the employee under My Team. Thus this alternative method must be used to view the employee’s details and process transactions.

Updating Working Hours

Changing working hours for employees within your line of supervision. Updating working hours adjusts the employee's FTE (Full Time Equivalency).

Viewing Employee's Skills and Qualifications

Overview of how to view and add employee's skill and qualifications as a supervisor.