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How to use Manage Direct Reports to complete manager changes.
The steps in this guide illustrate how to create an employee timecard, enter working hours, and correct saved time entries in the Time and Absences application.
View, print, download, and search year-end documents for current or prior tax years.
Employees make all benefit elections outside of WyoCloud HCM. Please allow up to one month after election for the benefit details to be reflected in HCM. This guide will cover the steps on how to view benefit elections within WyoCloud HCM.
Self reporting receipt of the COVID-19 vaccine.
Employees with multiple assignments have more than one job at UW or a secondary on call assignment. Starting in November 2020, these employees can now enter leave within absences. This guide covers the details of how to successfully enter leave in this circumstance.
Request an absence and submit for approval.
Review current plan balances and absences taken or requested.
Creating a time card for the purpose of entering emergency leave relating to COVID-19. The first date in which Salary Emergency Leave with Pay can be taken is March 15, 2020 the final date the code will be available is 12/31/2022. This process utilizes the time card feature within HCM and applies to both exempt and non-exempt benefited employees.
Set up preferences for delivering documents.
Creating a time card and entering on-call time into the card in HCM. Many of the steps in this guide remain the same as general time entry in HCM. Step three specifically outlines features unique to On-Call.
Accessing and reviewing your compensation details including your current salary, grade, and any previous salary changes.
View, print, download, and search current and past payslips, which contain gross pay, net pay, taxes, and other information.