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This guide will cover:

  • The basic steps needed to make permanent salary changes for employees within your area of supervision.  Salary is an individual’s base pay (not any type of additional or supplemental pay).
  • The primary reason for you to use the changesalary feature is to initiate a salary increase for a non-benefited employee.
  • You can also submit a retention offer or equity adjustment for a benefited employee.  

This guide details the steps for completing this process using Supervisor/Manager WyoCloud access.

Change Salary is not used to initiate a merit or market pay adjustment.

In order for a salary change to be reflected on a payroll, it must be entered AND fully approved by the payroll deadline for that pay period.  The full list of payroll deadlines can be found on the payroll website

If the salary change is not fully approved or is submitted after the monthly payroll deadline, it will be rejected and you will need to resubmit the transaction using next month’s date. 


Step One

  • Upon logging into WyoCloud from WyoWeb, navigate to My Team using the Navigator bar.

  • First click My Team to expand, then click My Team within the navigator.



Step Two

  • The My Team homepage will display.  Here you will see all employees in your direct line of supervision.

  • Click the three dots to the right of the employee you’d like to change salary on. 

  • From the drop down, select Change Salary (note, you may need to scroll within the drop down).


Step Three

  • The Change Salary page will display.
  • In step one, set an effective date for the change in the “When does the salary change start?” field.  This effective date should be the start of a future month.
  • Confirm Change Salary is selected in the Action Name drop down. 
  • Select the appropriate reason from the “Why are you changing salary?” drop down.  In this example we are selecting Salary Increase (by amount).  Other reasons can be selected based on the situation.
  • Click Continue.

  • Step two, Salary Details, will open.
    • In the Adjustment Amount field, enter an amount to adjust the base salary by. Notice the Salary Amount and Adjustment Percentage fields are automatically updated.
    • Alternatively, enter a percentage amount into the Adjustment Percentage field. The Salary Amount should be updated.

The Salary Amount entered must be divisible by 12.  The system does not automatically do this for you.

  • If salary change is due to a FTE change, such as voluntary summer reduction of hours, use the following equation to calculate what salary to enter.

Salary (original) x FTE (decimal)

Divide by 12 (if result is a decimal, round up to next full dollar)

Multiply by 12 = adjusted salary

Example: $49,008 x .8 FTE (32 hours) = $39,206.40

$39,206.40 / 12 = $3,267.20 round up = $3,268

$3,268 x 12 = $39,216 adjusted salary

  • Confirm the Proposed Salary is displaying correctly then click Continue.

  • Step three, Comments and Attachments will open. It is required to add a justification for the salary change under Comments.  Relevant attachment(s) should also be added.

  • Return to the top of the page and click Submit.


You have now completed the Change Salary process.

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