Two-Factor Authentication at the University of Wyoming - How to Enroll


Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to the log-in process, keeping your account secure even if your password is compromised. 


The University of Wyoming uses Duo to provide two-factor authentication services.  View the full Duo Guide to Two-Factor Authentication for full, updated instructions:


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of devices can I enroll?
    • Landlines
    • Smartphones
    • Non-smart cellular phones
    • Tablets
    • Yubikey fob
  • I don’t want to use my personal device, what are my options?
    • You can use an office/University phone.
    • You or your department can purchase a YubiKey.
  • I don't want the Duo app on my smartphone, what are my options?
    • You can still receive phone call authentication or SMS passcodes on the device.
  • What happens if I lost, forgot or broke my primary two step device?
    • We recommend that everyone have two devices set up for two factor, so if one of the devices is lost, broken, or not with you, you have another option to complete two factor authentication.
    • If you have only one device set up and that is not available, you will need to come to the UW ITC with a photo ID for us to reset your account. If you are not located in Laramie, please call the Help Desk at 766-4357, option 1, for help resetting your two factor account.
  • What if I get a new mobile device after I've already enrolled in two step login?
    • If the phone number has not changed you can use the phone call method to log into self service and re-activate duo mobile on the new device.
    • If you have a backup device registered you can use it to update your primary device.
    • If you do not have a backup device you will need to contact the help desk for further instructions. The help desk will verify your identity and have the account reset.
  • How does the remember me check box work?
    • You can remember the second authentication for 14 days so that an employee would only need to use two factor to authenticate once every two weeks.
    • This option is specific to the browser, so if you select it within one browser, you will be required to two factor again if you use a different browser.
    • This setting works with a cookie saved in the browser, so clearing cookies or open a browser in a mode that doesn't allow cookies will require two factor for additional logins.
  • How do I two factor if I am out of the country or on sabbatical?
    • There are a few options available.
      • Duo Mobile push works anywhere with internet connectivity.
      • The Duo App can generate passcodes without internet connectivity.
      • YubiKey is a key fob that can provide the secondary authentication.
      • You can send SMS passcodes before you leave the country that can be used to login.
      • The duo application can be installed on apple and android tablets.
  • Will I have to use two step login? Can I opt out of two step?
    • You will need to use two factor to log in for both the safety of your data and the safety of the university community. There is no opt out procedure.


Enroll a device with Duo

(To enroll additional devices, instructions are here)


(READ BEFORE STARTING: Complete the process from a desktop or laptop computer and have your smartphone or other device with you.  During the enrollment process you may be asked to scan an on-screen barcode with your smartphone.)

  1. Log into the WyoSecure website and enter your university username + password at
  2. When the two-factor authentication screen appears click Start setup to begin the enrollment process.



  1. Add a new device
    1. Select the type of device.  Options include:

i.Mobile phone (recommended)



iiii. U2F Token

Note: If you do not want to use the Duo Mobile app, select Landline.


  1. Enter your phone number (complete this for mobile phone and landline options)




  1. Select the specific device platform (such as iPhone or Android)

i. For cell phones that are NOT smartphones, use the “Other” option



  1. For smartphones, install the Duo Mobile app.  Once you select a specific platform (iPhone, Android, etc.), follow the on-screen installation instructions.  When installation is complete, click “I have Duo Mobile installed.”  For more information view:  DUO Self Enrollment


  1. Configure additional settings (optional)
    1. Use the “Automatically send me a …” setting if you would like to automate authentication.  (It is recommended to leave this feature disabled until you have configured and tested the process.)
    2. Rename your device if necessary
    3. Set a default device (This is useful when enrolling multiple devices.)

You have now successfully completed the device enrollment process and are ready to log-in!

Duo Self-Enrollment

Authenticate with Duo

Here is a video and step by step instructions with screenshots are below.

During the log-in process, after a username + password has been entered, the Duo authentication process will begin.

  1. Choose one of the following authentication methods.  Options include:


  1. Duo Push (recommended method for smartphones or tablets only)

i.Uses the Duo Mobile app installed on a smartphone or tablet.

ii.The device will receive a notification.  Press Approve to authenticate.

iii. Below is an example of Duo Push authentication on an Android phone.


  1. Call Me

i.Places a call to your enrolled device.  Answer the call and press # to authenticate.

  1. Enter a Passcode

i.Enter the next available passcode.  To obtain passcodes, select Enter a Passcode then click Send Codes.  A batch of codes will be sent to your device.  Each code can only be used once.  Once the codes on the list have all been used, you must obtain a new batch of codes. (In cases where you do not have sufficient signal strength on your mobile device, using passcodes will be necessary to log-in.  Request passcodes and save them prior to losing wireless signal.)

  1. Set a Trusted Device (optional)
    1. Check “Remember me for …
    2. This setting temporarily configures a specific computer and web browser as a “trusted device” allowing you to skip the Duo authentication process for the specified time.

Duo remember me for 14 days screenshot


Enroll Additional Devices/Manage Devices

Here is a video and step by step instructions with screenshots are below.

During the authentication process, select Add a new device to enroll additional devices or My Settings & Devices to adjust device settings.


It is strongly recommended that you enroll more than one device in case your primary device becomes unavailable.  (A good option for a secondary device is your office phone.) 

To enroll additional devices:

  1. Click on Add a new device
  2. Confirm your identity by authenticating with one of your devices
  3. Follow instructions to enroll a new device (see Enroll a device with Duo)
  4. You now have multiple devices enrolled
  5. If necessary, set a new device as the default (or primary) device
  6. During authentication, you are presented with a list of devices.  Select one to authenticate.

To manage your devices:

  1. Click on My Settings & Devices
  2. Confirm your identity by authenticating with one of your previously enrolled devices
  3. From the Settings window, you can identify a default device, as well as rename and delete devices



Authenticate remotely through Pulse VPN


I lost my phone!

Your account is still protected by a password, but two-factor authentication will no longer be possible with the lost device.  If you have registered a second device, authenticate with that device and remove the lost device from Duo.  (See Enrolling Additional Devices/Managing Devices).  If there are any concerns about security, please contact the UWIT Service Center immediately

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