Two-Factor Authentication at the University of Wyoming - How to Enroll


Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to the log-in process, keeping your account secure even if your password is compromised. 

The University of Wyoming uses Duo to provide two-factor authentication services.  View the full Duo Guide to Two-Factor Authentication for full, updated instructions:

Two Factor Frequently Asked Questiions


Enroll a device with Duo

(To enroll additional devices, instructions are here)

READ BEFORE STARTING: Complete the process from a desktop or laptop computer and have your smartphone or other device with you.  During the enrollment process you may be asked to scan an on-screen barcode with your smartphone. The specific screens and options for this procedure can vary by device and browser.  If what you see in the procedure does now allow you to complete the steps, please call the UWIT Help Desk at 307-766-4357.

  1. Log into your UW account through Email or WyoCloud in WyoWeb.
  2. When the two-factor authentication screen appears click Next to begin the enrollment process.


Click Next again.

Click Next again.


  1. Add a new device
    1. Select the two factor options you want to use. Options include:

i. Duo Mobile 

ii. Security key


  1. Enter your phone number and click Add phone number.



  1. Verify the phone number by clicking Yes, it’s correct.


  1. For smartphones, install the Duo Mobile app.  When installation is complete, click Next. For more information view:  DUO Self Enrollment


  1. Scan the QR code.

  1. Your Duo app is now configured.  Click Continue.

  1. Duo will prompt you to add a security key if you have one.  It is recommended to have more than one two factor option to make sure that you can always access your account.  If you don’t have a security key, you can click Skip for now.


  1. Your two factor account is now configured.  Click Log in with Duo.


You have now successfully completed the device enrollment process and are ready to log-in!

Duo Self-Enrollment

Authenticate with Duo

Here is a video and step by step instructions with screenshots are below.

During the log-in process, after a username + password has been entered, the Duo authentication process will begin.

  1. Duo will select the most secure method of connection by default.  This could look like the Push option or the Verified Push options below.


  1.  If you don’t want to use that option, you can click Other options.

  1. Duo Push or Verified Push (recommended method)
    1. .Uses the Duo Mobile app installed on a smartphone or tablet.
    2. The device will receive a notification.  Press Approve to authenticate or enter the code from your screen into the app.
    3. Below is an example of Duo Push and Verified Push authentication on an Android phone.


  1. Security Key
    1. This is a Yubikey fob that an plug into your computer and be touched during two factor.
  2. Enter a Bypass Code
    1. This option is just to use for codes from the UWIT administration if your other two factor devices are broken or unavailable and you need to set up a new device.

  1. Once you have authenticated, you can say that this is trusted browser and then you will not be asked to two factor for 10 days.  You can also click No and you will be asked to two factor the next time you log in with that browser.

Then you will be logged in.



Enroll Additional Devices/Manage Devices

It is recommended to enroll a second device for your two factor account in case your main device is unavailable.  Please see the article Enroll additional devices and manage your devices for steps on how to do that.


Authenticate remotely through Ivanti VPN


I lost my phone!

Your account is still protected by a password, but two-factor authentication will no longer be possible with the lost device.  If you have registered a second device, authenticate with that device and remove the lost device from Duo.  If there are any concerns about security, please contact the UWIT Service Center immediately

  • Visit this service and submit a ticket
  • Call 766-HELP (4357), Option 1
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