Team Compensation Details - Manager

This guide will cover Team Compensation, including:

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This guide details steps using WyoCloud HCM Manager Access.

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If you do not see the features outlined in this guide, your WyoCloud HCM Manager Access Training is most likely incomplete. Please contact to have this training assigned to you in WyoCloud HCM Learning.

Step One

My Team                                                                         

  • After logging in to WyoCloud HCM, click on the Navigation Menu designated by the 3-horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner.

  • Click on the arrow next to the My Team module.

  • Click on the My Team application.

Step Two


  • Once in the My Team application, you will see all your Workers (direct reports) listed on the Overview page.

Step Three

Compensation Details

  • In the left-hand corner, click on the Compensation tab.

  • The Compensation page allows you to view a compensation summary of your Workers, which includes Business Title, Current Salary, and Pay Grade.  
  • Click on the Employee’s Name to view additional compensation details.  
    • For this example, we will use employee: Kennedy, Pooled Position Limited Tempor-2, $7.50 Hourly, and NB1 Pay Grade.

  • After you have selected an employee, you can view both their Current Salary and Additional Compensation details, if applicable.    
  • Click on the drop-down arrows on the right-hand side to view each section in its entirety.

  • If the employee has more than one assignment, a drop-down arrow will appear within the Business Title section allowing you to view compensation details related to their different positions across campus.
  • Please note that the drop-down arrow will not appear if the employee only has one employment position on campus.
    • Kennedy has three campus assignments, as shown below.
    • Therefore, please ensure you have selected the appropriate Business Title.