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Creating a work study job requisition. Progressing the work study hires through the offer process.
Creating a requisition for Temporary Lecturer direct hires. Progressing this hire though the offer process.
Creating a requisition for graduate assistants. Progressing the GA hires through the offer process.
- Reviewing a candidate’s Application and Questionnaire
- Advancing the candidate to the Interview Step
- Rejecting candidates and communicating with unsuccessful candidates throughout the search process
- Advancing the candidate to the offer stage and finalizing the hire
Full hire process for Graduate Assistants.
- Screening candidates, creating a matrix, requesting and receiving approval to advance the candidate to the Interview Phases
- Communicating with candidates throughout the search process
- The process of interviewing, updating the matrix, selecting a candidate, requesting and receiving approval to advance the candidate to the Offer Phase
- Drafting an offer and finalizing the hire.
Creating job requisitions for hourly and monthly non-benefited employees. This does not include Graduate Assistants, Temporary Lecturers or Work-study positions.
If creating a requisition for a pooled position monthly, please confirm the hire will meet FLSA guidelines for an exempt position. Reach out to your recruiter if you have questions.
Creating job requisitions for benefited staff, administrative/executive and faculty/academic hires.
Employees have the opportunity to self-identify as high risk for COVID-19 based upon the CDC’s definition of high risk. This is done via a checklist item made available to all active employees in HCM.
How to approve payroll costing changes as well as corrections (payroll expenditure corrections). Approving using email or reviewing your pending approvals in the Payroll Costing dashboard.
This process covers situations in which a Graduate Assistant (GA) is hired for one period of time then is extended additional semester(s) and/or academic year(s).
Beginning after the November 2020 system update (11/23/20), it is NOT required to use the time card when using multiple leave types on one day.  This can now be accomplished by entering multiple requests, one for each leave type within the absences module.   At this time, using absences is the preferred method as it permits requests to be entered in advance without risk of locking a timecard from future editing.
Absence is leave granted to benefited employees (i.e. vacation, sick). Absence can be requested in advance (i.e. planned vacation) or after it has occurred (i.e. unplanned sick time.) This guide will cover steps for requesting a single day or multiple days of absence.
Employees with multiple assignments have more than one job at UW or a secondary on call assignment. Starting in November 2020, these employees can now enter leave within absences. This guide covers the details of how to successfully enter leave in this circumstance.
The steps to adjust the two pandemic related fields on an employee’s assignment:
o Pandemic 100% Work Remote: Designates if an employee is currently working 100% remote during the COVID-19 pandemic.
o Can Self-Isolate on Campus: Designates employees who are working in some percentage on campus, but able to self-isolate (i.e.: office with door and minimal customer/peer interactions).