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Completing a termination by ending an assignment for an employee within your line of supervision.
The basic steps needed to make compensation changes for employees within your area of supervision.  Compensation is supplemental or additional pay beyond base salary.
Common types of compensation awards are mobile communication devices, temporary increases, and supplemental pay.
Completing the Annual Performance Evaluation process for classified staff from both the supervisor and employee perspective.
- Screening candidates, creating a matrix, requesting and receiving approval to advance the candidate to the Interview Phases
- Communicating with candidates throughout the search process
- The process of interviewing, updating the matrix, selecting a candidate, requesting and receiving approval to advance the candidate to the Offer Phase
- Drafting an offer and finalizing the hire.
Creating job requisitions for benefited staff, administrative/executive and faculty/academic hires.
Transferring a performance evaluation to another supervisor.
How to add one specific goal to multiple reports who are part of a team, and how to add and review/edit a goal for one direct report/employee on your team.
Absence is leave granted to benefited employees (i.e. vacation, sick). Absence can be requested in advance (i.e. planned vacation) or after it has occurred (i.e. unplanned sick time.) This guide will cover steps for requesting a single day or multiple days of absence.
This guide will cover how to add additional payment methods or edit existing payment methods for payroll/paychecks.
Creating a time card and entering on-call time into the card in HCM. Many of the steps in this guide remain the same as general time entry in HCM. Step three specifically outlines features unique to On-Call.
Entering time on the Time Card.
How to view and edit your W-4 for tax withholding from your paycheck.
How to view payslips/paystubs for all completed payroll periods to view all details contributing to a paycheck such as gross pay, net pay and deductions.
Accessing and updating your document delivery preferences for payroll documents such as your W-2. This allows you to elect for documents to be delivered electronically. Electronic delivery of documents such as your W-2 allow you to access them more quickly than mailed copies.
How to access the electronic version of your W-2.