Click here for HCM guides as well as Recruiting & Employee LearnCenter. HCM is the university's HR system where you can find your payslip, update your home address, view your employee data as well as a number of other HR related tasks. Note: WyoCloud training must first be completed in the Employee LearnCenter to access any of the features outlined in this section including your payslip.

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Guides on how to manage your employee account such as updating your address, adding an emergency contact or skills and qualifications.

Decentralized Human Resources Representative

Guides to aide DHR in processing transactions on behalf of employees within their Area of Responsibility.

Supervisor / Manager

Guides on Team Management tools such as reviewing your employees' information, processing changes and terminations.

Payroll Costing

Guides on the Payroll Costing Module. The Costing Module is only available for currently hired GAs at this time. For additional guidance on processes relating to GAs, see this article:

Recruiting & Onboarding

Guides on creating a requisition for hire, managing the candidate pool, completing hire and monitoring the onboarding process.

TimeClock Plus

TimeClock Plus is the time recording system utilized by several UW departments to record employee clock in/out as well as scheduling.