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Some users may prefer to receive email messages sent to their UW account in a different personal email account. Email sent to your UW email account can be redirected to another email account by setting up a rule in Outlook.
Information about the roles of a Resource Owner and a Resource Delegate
There may be times when a department or individual needs to share their email account so that other individuals can assist in answering email sent to that account, scheduling events in the calendar, or accessing specific contacts saved in that account.
Information on sharing your calendar by using Microsoft Exchange Server
The amount of free/busy information that is available on the server is controlled by end users themselves through Microsoft Outlook. In the Free/Busy Options section of the Calendar Options in Outlook, users can set the number of months of free/busy information that they would like others to be able to view. By default, the value is two months.
Information about what you can expect when you send an encrypted email
Information about accessing generic email only accounts
Information on how to setup Outlook 2013
Information on how to use Microsoft Outlook to create a redirect rule
An Exchange Resource is a special Exchange account that represents a resource (conference rooms, vehicles, AV equipment, etc.) instead of a person. Exchange Resources allow for shared scheduling of these items.
Information about the amenities available in rooms
Information about choosing between a public computer and a private computer for Microsoft Outlook
Information about faculty/staff accessing UW email in student labs
Information on supported methods for accessing my UW Exchange email
Information explaining why Outlook Web App time-out