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Information on organizational charts
Information on how to get a website name that is outside of the UW domain name scheme
Information on how to gain author access to my basic website on WWW or WWWDEV to edit
Information on determining if your site has broken links
Information on how much space your allocated for your site and if you can purchase extra
Information on the fees involved with setting up a DNS Web hosted site at UW
Link to the new Index and Search KB
Information to request/create/delete a UW student website
Information on connecting to your website remotely (outside of the University of Wyoming Campus Networks) to edit your student site
Information about a calendar system available for websites
Information on website creation guidelines
The UW Institutional Marketing knowledge base for CMS Help and Support provides you with detailed, step-by-step how-to's for everything from creating your new site from scratch, to adding hyperlinks broken down into categories for easier retrieval.
Information on the quota for a student site
Navigate to a Geology/Geophysics Website Share
Information about naming your default document