New Position Request - DHR

This guide will cover new positions, including:

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This guide details steps using WyoCloud HCM DHR Access.

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If you do not see the features outlined in this guide, your WyoCloud HCM DHR Access Training is most likely incomplete. Please contact to initiate a new DHR process.

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The instructions in this guide apply when a Decentralized Human Resources Representative (DHR) submits details requesting a new benefited position.

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The New Position Request must be fully approved within WyoCloud HCM before a requisition for the position can be generated from recruiting.

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If a current benefited position needs to be modified, please use the Position Change Request – DHR guide. If you need to make a worker category change, please use the Assignment Change – DHR instructions.

Step One

My Workforce                                                                          

  • After logging in to WyoCloud HCM, click on the Navigation Menu designated by the 3-horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner.

  • Click on the arrow next to the My Workforce module.

  • Click on the Request a New Position application.

Step Two

Request a New Position

  • Once you have clicked on Request a New Position, subsequent position information sections will appear.
  • In the When and Why section, please complete the following:
    • When does the new position start? It is best practice to select today’s date as the start date using the calendar icon on the right-hand side, so a requisition for the position can be generated from recruiting.
    • What’s the reason for this request? Select New Position from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side.

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Terminal Leave should only be selected when the department needs to repurpose a position while the predecessor is on Terminal Leave. If you should have any questions and/or concerns, please email for assistance.

  • Click on Continue, when finished.

  • In the Position Details section, please complete the following:
    • Business Unit: UWYO automatically populates.
    • Name: Title of the new position.
    • Code: New
    • Department: This field will automatically default to the requestor’s current department. However, please ensure the correct department is listed.
    • Job: If the job title already exists, please use the drop-down menu to select the correct job title.
      • If the Job does not yet exist on campus, please type To Be Determined (job code: 8888).
    • Location and Grade: These fields will automatically populate based on the department and job selections. Therefore, please confirm that these fields are accurate.
      • Please note that the Location should remain the default location of the department selected.
    • Please disregard the following fields as they will be completed by the Budget Office: Fiscal Year, Division Prefix, Position Comment Section, Special Position Designation, Start Date, End Date, and Context Value.
  • Click on Continue, when finished.


  • In the Budget Details section, please complete the following:
    • Budget Amount: Enter the amount that is budgeted for the position. Please be sure to specify USD US Dollars in the adjacent box.
    • Is this position budgeted? Select Yes or No accordingly.
      • If No, please provide further details within the following Comments and Attachments section.
    • Funded from existing positions? If the position’s funding will be obtained by repurposing funds from existing position(s), select Yes.
      • PLEASE NOTE: Positions listed as the "Funding Position" will be inactivated once this transaction is approved in HCM. If you do not want the Funding Position to be inactivated, please select No and list the Funding Position in the Comments below.
      • Please provide further details within the following Comments and Attachments section.
    • Head Count and FTE: Both should be 1 for all full-time positions.
    • Type: Should be Single Incumbent for all full-time positions.
  • Click on Continue, when finished.

  • In the Comments and Attachments section, please include the following information:
    • Funding Account Information, including all funding sources for the position (GL and Grant).
    • Expected New Salary
    • Budgeted Salary
      • If the position is not currently budgeted, provide specific details on where funding will be allocated in addition to a general justification.
      • If the position’s funding will be obtained by repurposing funds from existing position(s), please provide further details, including the existing positions and the amount being repurposed.
  • Please attach the required Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) for all staff and administrative new position requests.

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Budgeted Salary details are required in the Comments and Attachments section. Failure to provide funding information will result in the delay of the New Position Request.

  • Once all Comments and Attachments have been included, click on Submit in the upper right-hand corner.

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Please visit the Human Resources Department’s Classification and Compensation webpage for current classification and compensation resources. If you should need any assistance, please email


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