Connect to the UWyo Wireless Network with an Android Cell Phone or Chromebook

Note: Depending on the Android operating system you are using your screen may look a little different, however the steps will be the same. Also, the steps are the same for a Chromebook.

  1. Connecting to the UWyo Wireless Network 

    1. Select the Settings icon.

    2. On the Settings screen select the Wi-Fi icon.

    3. On the Wi-Fi screen select UWyo from the list of available networks.

    4. On the UWyo screen enter the information as follows:

      EAP method: PEAP
      Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
      CA Certificate: Do Not Validate, or Don't Validate, if these options are not available, leave (Unspecified)
      Identity: your UWYO username
      Password: your UWYO password

      Note: You will want to leave the anonymous identity blank


Add an Exchange account screen 

Select Connect.

Note: If after all this and you are still having issues connecting, come into the Service Center where they can give you hands on assistance. The Service Center is located in the lobby of the ITC building. The ITC is on the southeast corner of Sorority Row, between Buchanan Performing Arts and Hill Hall. It is open Monday-Friday during UW business hours.


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