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How to access the electronic version of your W-2.
Roster of individuals currently holding the Department Training Coordinator role.
Instructions for blocking email accounts or allowing recipients to be on your safe senders list through Outlook Web Access.
This document outlines the step
Step-by-step instructions on how a p-card holder can purchase office supplies through Office Depot to get negotiated prices with a p-card.
Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to the log-in process, keeping your account secure even if your password is compromised.
Two-factor authentication strengthens access security by requiring two methods to verify your identity.  These methods can include something you know -- like a username and password, plus something you have -- like a smartphone app to approve authentication requests.
Adding a goal for one direct report in particular or a specific member of the team and how to add one specific goal to multiple reports as part of a team.
Accessing and reviewing your employment details such as current and past assignments, position and department. If you currently have more than one assignment, this screen permits toggling between assignments allowing you to obtain information on all assignments.
Accessing and reviewing your compensation details including your current salary, grade, and any previous salary changes.
Adding Emergency Contacts.
Accessing and updating Personal Details including race, ethnicity, veteran and disability self-identification.
Employees make all benefit elections outside of WyoCloud HCM. Please allow up to one month after election for the benefit details to be reflected in HCM. This guide will cover the steps on how to view benefit elections within WyoCloud HCM.
Accessing and updating Contact Info including address, phone number and setting primary contact info.
How to view and edit your W-4 for tax withholding from your paycheck.
This guide will cover how to add additional payment methods or edit existing payment methods for payroll/paychecks.
How to view payslips/paystubs for all completed payroll periods to view all details contributing to a paycheck such as gross pay, net pay and deductions.
Accessing and updating your document delivery preferences for payroll documents such as your W-2. This allows you to elect for documents to be delivered electronically. Electronic delivery of documents such as your W-2 allow you to access them more quickly than mailed copies.
UW students and benefited faculty and staff are eligible to install the full version of Office Pro Plus as part of UW's Office 365 subscription.