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Information on how to gain author access to my basic website on WWW or WWWDEV to edit
Information on statistics being available for your website
Information on determining if your site has broken links
Required Manual Updates
This QRG covers how to create a contract.
While functioning similarly, X2Go provides much better performance than standard X11 forwarding through SSH especially in regards to applications that utilize hardware acceleration. It can be an effective way for multiple users to run multiple instances of Linux software off a powerful workstation or server simultaneously.
This QRG covers searching for & amending a current contract.
This QRG covers locating, running, and filtering results for both reports. This report provides a budget to actual summary for organizations to show activity by period over time. Use this report for planning purposes and to compare budget amounts against actual balances at a high overview level. It is recommended to use the Account Analysis Report to view more specific activity details.
Some users may prefer to receive email messages sent to their UW account in a different personal email account. Email sent to your UW email account can be redirected to another email account by setting up a rule in Outlook.
How to navigate to the Table of Contents within WyoCloud Reports and Analytics.
How to use the requisitioning process to order catalog items. Shopping within the marketplace tool and bring a shopping cart back to the requisition then follow the regular process flow for ordering goods.
How to take Approval Process action on a transaction, including Approve, Edit Requisitions, Reject, Reassign, Request Information, and Adhoc Route. Tips on reading approvals notifications for financial transactions including expense reports, requisitions and non-PO invoices. ​​​​​​​
This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) provides information about accessing required training in the Oracle Learning Cloud (OLC).
How to manage delegates for expense report submission.
Setting up your direct deposit information for reimbursements and cash advances.
Information on how to map a drive with Windows 8
How to access and read the TouchNet Deposit Detail Report.
How to navigate and run the Project Committed Costs Details report that provides a detailed list of all costs committed to a project.