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User manuals for physical Teams phone sets
Voicemail Options with Microsoft Teams
WyoCloud Enterprise Performance Management will support the business processes related to the University’s budget model and will aid in the creation of budgets and forecasts.
The procure-to-pay process within WyoCloud. Tracking a transaction from requisition submission through purchase order then payment.
Information on Call Forwarding, Holds, Transfers, and Conferencing
Placing Calls with Microsoft Teams Phone Service
Answering incoming calls through Microsoft Teams
How an approver in a Requisition or Offer approval chain can add an additional approver to a workflow.
Locating inactive requisitions and completed hires in Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC).
This QRG will review how to submit, review, and export budgets.
This article explains how to tweak preferences and variables so that searches in the system can be better targeted towards your needed data. Preferences allow you to customize and define your results in the WyoCloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud Planning module.
This article gives more information about how to log in to and navigate the Enterprise Performance Management system. Note that access is limited to select users and is solely based on roles (i.e., budget responsibilities).
Locating pending approval reports for requisitions and job offers available to Decentralized Human Resources Representatives (DHR) within Reports and Analytics.
Creating a requisition for Resident Physicians and progressing them through the process.
How to access and interpret the Inventory report. This report is used by Asset Management for the two-year rolling inventory review process and can be utilized by departments throughout the year to view and track their assets.
The Board of Trustees Budget Report is an interactive way to look at the information that is also available in a printed version from the Budget Office. There are some limitations that you may notice, there are a few variance columns displayed however you will only need the President’s review variance column.
This report provides a listing of all employees and what account/project their payroll WILL be charged to BEFORE the payroll period (this is their current funding). Use this report to validate that all employees will be charged to the correct accounts/projects prior to the payroll cycle. This report will help identify if new hires have correct funding or if any payroll funding changes have been processed and are correct/completed prior to the pay cycle.
How to navigate to and run the Payroll Expenditures without Fringe report on the Table of Contents dashboard. This report provides a listing of all employees and what account/project their payroll WAS charged to AFTER the payroll period. This report will provide users the ability to view payroll transactions allocated to an organization for comparison to the account analysis report. This report does not include fringe benefits detail. This report should be run after the month is closed.
The report is a snapshot and includes data from HCM starting with paid date July 1, 2019 through the last payroll month. This report is updated each month after monthly payroll and fringe has run. This report can be used to supplement the Account Analysis report by viewing the details on the payroll transactions at the close of each month. This report should be run after the month is closed.
This report provides The Chart of Accounts which represents the structure through which financial transaction data is organized and reported. UW’s Chart of Accounts structure consists of eight General Ledger Chart Segments. The Chart of Accounts User Guide contains descriptions of all of the segments in the CoA and instructions for the use of the crosswalks.
This QRG covers how to create a contract.
Completing a termination by ending an assignment for an employee within your area of responsibility.
Instructions for how to complete a correction on an IDT, Deposit, Invoice Payment, or Expense Report.
This guide covers the steps for completing an Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT). An IDT is a way for UW departments to purchase goods and/or services from other departments on campus.