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Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to the log-in process, keeping your account secure even if your password is compromised.
How to permanently save user tracking option on a mac if it is not staying saved between print jobs.
Creating a requisition for graduate assistants. Progressing the GA hires through the offer process.
To ensure performance expectations and centralized management of networked work group printers, Information Technology will support the following printers on the central print server, PrintPress. Work group printers are typically intended to provide service to five or more users connected to a printer. IT Computer Support Specialists will work with you to get the printer added to the server, configure departmental computers to print to the shared work group printer, and help troubleshoot any pri
How to access and read the TouchNet Deposit Detail Report.
This report provides a listing of all projects and detailed information regarding each project to help identify projects in each organization.
How to navigate and run the Project Financial Summary report that provides a high level overview of any project including items such as funding amount, actual expenses, variance and total committed costs on a project.
How to navigate and run the Project Expenditure Summary Report that provides a high level overview of all expenditures by expenditure category and expenditure type for any project.
This report provides a budget to actual summary for projects by the budgeted expenditure category. Use this report to view the committed transactions and actual processed transactions to view a remaining available balance for each expenditure category for a specific project.
How to navigate and run the Project Expenditure Details report that provides a detailed list of all expenditures charged to a project.
How to navigate and run the Project Committed Costs Details report that provides a detailed list of all costs committed to a project.
The Procure to Pay report will aid in reviewing the life cycle of purchase requisitions submitted on behalf of departments. This report will show the status of all purchase requisitions and the purchase order numbers associated with each requisition. This report should be used to view any outstanding purchase orders.
How to navigate to and run the Outstanding P-Card Transactions Report. This report details p-card transactions which have not yet been completely reconciled, meaning they have 1) either not been added to an expense report and/or 2) the expense report has not yet reached a “paid“ status. This report will only display those outstanding/unreconciled transactions that could result in the card being placed on a hold per the p-card policy.
How to navigate to and run the Payroll Expenditures without Fringe report on the Table of Contents dashboard. This report provides a listing of all employees and what account/project their payroll WAS charged to AFTER the payroll period. This report will provide users the ability to view payroll transactions allocated to an organization for comparison to the account analysis report. This report does not include fringe benefits detail. This report should be run after the month is closed.
How to access and interpret the Inventory report. This report is used by Asset Management for the two-year rolling inventory review process and can be utilized by departments throughout the year to view and track their assets.
Running Expense Report Information including Expense Report Status to show all expense reports which have been created, saved, submitted and fully processed and what stage of the process they are at.
The contract status report will aid in identifying the status within an organization. This report can be run to view a specific contract or to view all contracts within a department.
The cash advance report displays all cash advances requested by employees and the status of the advance in regards to reconciling.