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One of the most common forms of a phishing attack in higher education environments is official looking emails claiming to be from the university’s technical support team and usually taking the form of a message asking for your user ID and password, with a threat of account deactivation if you fail to reply. These specifically crafted phishing attempts are primarily focused on gaining access to email accounts to enable them to send malicious emails to other systems with the appearance of coming
Information about whitelist a particular email address that is currently being blocked by on of the spam services
Office 365 sending encrypted email
How to backup email locally on your computer.
Some users may prefer to receive email messages sent to their UW account in a different personal email account. Email sent to your UW email account can be redirected to another email account by setting up a rule in Outlook.
This article outlines the process of adding a shared email account to Outlook for Mac.
Focused Inbox helps you move low priority messages out of your Inbox so that you can easily scan for important messages. Focused Inbox is turned on by default in your UW Office 365 account.
How to increase the number of search results returned by Microsoft Outlook
No one likes spam or junk email. The Outlook Junk Email Filter doesn’t stop delivery of junk email messages, but does the next best thing—it moves suspected spam to the Junk Email folder.
Email distribution lists are a convenient means of contacting large groups of people. The University of Wyoming offers an email distribution list hosting and management package called Mailman. Mailman offers a robust feature set and convenient web interface to manage lists
Instructions for blocking email accounts or allowing recipients to be on your safe senders list through Outlook Web Access.
Information about encrypted emails
When sending an email in Outlook, the Ignore or Add To Dictionary options are not available.
There may be times when a department or individual needs to share their email account so that other individuals can assist in answering email sent to that account, scheduling events in the calendar, or accessing specific contacts saved in that account.
Information on how to attach existing emails to a brand new email in Outlook web browser