Guides on creating a requisition for hire, managing the candidate pool, completing hire and monitoring the onboarding process.

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Guides on the hiring process for administrative, classified, and academic benefited staff.

Hiring guides for Temporary Lecturer hires.

Guides on the hiring process for non-benefited staff and academic hires (temp. lecturers).

Hiring guide for all types of Graduate Assistants (GTA, GRA, GAA).

Hiring process for work studies.

Guides on the hiring process for Resident Physicians.

Articles (3)

Add Assignee to Worklist Approvals

How an approver in a Requisition or Offer approval chain can add an additional approver to a workflow.

Inactive Requisitions/Completed Hires Search

Locating inactive requisitions and completed hires in Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC).

Requisition/Offer Pending Approvals Report

Locating pending approval reports for requisitions and job offers available to Decentralized Human Resources Representatives (DHR) within Reports and Analytics.