Guides on creating a requisition for hire, managing the candidate pool, completing hire and monitoring the onboarding process.

Categories (5)

Benefited Hires

Guides on the hiring process for administrative, classified, and academic benefited staff.

Graduate Assistants

Hiring guide for all types of Graduate Assistants (GTA, GRA, GAA).

Non-Benefited Hires

Guides on the hiring process for non-benefited staff and academic hires (temp. lecturers).

Temporary Lecturers

Hiring guides for Temporary Lecturer hires.

Work Study

Hiring process for work studies.

Articles (5)

Completing the Employment Application as a Direct Hire

Completing the Application for a Direct Hire.

Delegating Approvals in Recruiting

Creating vacation rules to delegate approvals in HCM Recruiting system.

Monitoring the Onboarding Process

How to view onboarding progress and status of hired candidates as the hiring manager.

Reviewing Tasks and Pending Approvals in Recruiting

Reviewing the Tasks in HCM Recruiting system. In Tasks you can review the status of any action assigned to you in recruiting as well as quickly identify items needing your approval.