TimeClock Plus is the time recording system utilized by several UW departments to record employee clock in/out as well as scheduling.

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Approve Employee Hours via TimeClock Plus - Manager

This guide outlines the steps supervisors take to approve employee’s time as well as making adjustments to time due to missed punches.

Approve Hours via TimeClock Plus Dashboard

Reviewing and approving your time clocked via the web dashboard.

Clock In/Out via TimeClock Plus Dashboard

How to use the web based time clock to clock in and out.

Review TimeClock Plus Schedule Swaps/Drops

This guide outlines how to view your schedule from the employee dashboard as well as how to complete swaps and drops of shifts.

TimeClock Plus Dashboard Overview

Clocking In/Out and Approving time from the time clock

TimeClock Plus Mobile Dashboard Overview

The TimeClock Plus v7 mobile app is available to aide in viewing schedules and previously worked hours when away from work.