Guides on how to manage your employee account such as updating your address, adding an emergency contact or skills and qualifications.

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Guides on setting up and managing your personal goals.

Performance Evaluations

Guides on completing your performance evaluation.

Time / Absences Entry & Payroll Guides

All guides pertaining to time, absence (leave) entry as well as payroll (direct deposit, payslips, W-4).

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Pinned Article Opting into COVID-19 Testing

Employees who are not already included in the Surveillance Testing on the Laramie campus have the option to opt into on Laramie Campus COVID-19 testing.

Pinned Article Self-Identification as High Risk for COVID-19

Employees have the opportunity to self-identify as high risk for COVID-19 based upon the CDC’s definition of high risk. This is done via a checklist item made available to all active employees in HCM.

Pinned Article Self-Report Receipt of COVID-19 Vaccine

Self reporting receipt of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Requesting Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

Requesting Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

Reviewing Employment Info

Accessing and reviewing your employment details such as current and past assignments, position and department. If you currently have more than one assignment, this screen permits toggling between assignments allowing you to obtain information on all assignments.

Reviewing Your Compensation

Accessing and reviewing your compensation details including your current salary, grade, and any previous salary changes.

Update Skills and Qualifications

Adding and updating your skills and qualifications such as certifications and degrees.

Updating Personal Information: Contact Info

Accessing and updating Contact Info including address, phone number and setting primary contact info.

Updating Personal Information: Personal Details

Accessing and updating Personal Details including race, ethnicity, veteran and disability self-identification.

Viewing Benefit Elections

Employees make all benefit elections outside of WyoCloud HCM. Please allow up to one month after election for the benefit details to be reflected in HCM. This guide will cover the steps on how to view benefit elections within WyoCloud HCM.