SolidWorks for Personally owned student computers

Here are the instructions for downloading and activating SolidWorks for students and faculty home computers. This license will expire July 31, 2024.

1. Uninstall any/all previous versions of SolidWorks

2. Go to

3. Fill out your contact information and indicate that you already have a Serial Number that starts with 9020

4. Choose ‘2023 (SP2.1)’ for the desired version of SolidWorks

5. During the download the students will need the school’s specific SEK serial number to install and activate.

6. Follow all remaining instructions and accept all defaults.

7. Please email to get the code that will be needed to complete the installation.


SolidWorks Tutorials and Certification Prep Courses – Students can obtain access to 300 plus tutorials including the Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) Certification Prep Course. Instructions for creating your MySolidWorks for Students Account can be found here

SolidWorks Certification Exams – Students are eligible to sit for SolidWorks certification exams for free. A full list of available exams can be found here Contact for additional information.

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