Document Delivery Preferences, My Payslips, Payment Methods, Year-End Documents (W-2), Tax Withholding (W-4).

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Review My Compensation

Accessing and reviewing your compensation details including your current salary, grade, and any previous salary changes.

Update Document Delivery Preferences for Payroll

Set up preferences for delivering documents.

Review My Payslips

View, print, download, and search current and past payslips, which contain gross pay, net pay, taxes, and other information.

Update Payment Methods for Direct Deposit

Define and prioritize salary payment details, such as payment type, payment amount, and bank account details.

Review Year-End Documents (W-2)

View, print, download, and search year-end documents for current or prior tax years.

Update Tax Withholding (W-4)

Go here to update your federal and state income tax withholding. Check this information when your personal or financial situation changes.