Adding/Editing Direct Deposit/Payment Methods for Payroll

This guide will cover:

  • Adding additional payment methods for payroll.
  • Editing existing payment methods for payroll.
  • Payment methods are the options through which your pay check is provided (i.e.: direct deposit).

This guide details the steps for completing this process using Employee WyoCloud access.  Note: If you do not see the features described in this guide, your assigned WyoCloud training is likely incomplete.  This training is available in the Employee LearnCenter under My Learning Plans.

This guide covers payment methods for payroll/payc hecks.  Be aware setting direct deposit for payroll ALSO sets the same account as default for expense reimbursements.  After payroll direct deposit is set up, you can add a different account within the expenses module if desired.  To adjust expense report payments, see the Expenses Direct Deposit Quick Reference Guide.


Step One

Navigate to the Pay section of WyoCloud HCM from WyoWeb.

  • Upon signing in, the homepage will display.  Click on the Navigator button (three horizontal lines) in the upper left-hand corner.

  • Click on My Profile to expand, then click on Pay.

  • The Payroll page will appear. Select Payment Methods.


Step Two

Add an additional payment method.

  • To add an additional payment method click Add.

Direct deposit is UW’s preferred method for payment, the following steps cover adding this payment method.

  • Enter a name for the payment method. This name should be something that allows you to easily identify which account is being used without seeing the account number (ie: bank name or primary account x bank).

  • Select Direct Deposit from the Payment Type dropdown.

  • Indicate the percentage or dollar amount you’d like to go into this account.

  • Add the account’s Account Number, Type (checking, savings, money market) and routing number. 

This information is generally found at the bottom of a check or deposit slip for the account (see directions at top of Payrment Methods page).  However, some financial institutions use a different number at the bottom of deposit slips (i.e.: Wells Fargo, US Bank and Bank of the West).  Contact your financial institution if you are unsure you have the correct routing number.

  • Click Save.

  • You will be returned to the My Payment Methods screen where you can see a summary of all payment methods, including the newly added one.
  • By default the remaining portion of your paycheck will go to any existing payment methods. 

  • To add a check as a payment method, again click Add from the My Payment Methods page.
  • Add a name for this Payment Method.
  • Select Check from the Payment Type dropdown.  The additional fields will adjust for a check payment.
  • Adjust the percentage or dollar amount you’d like paid via check.
  • Click Save.


Step Three

Make edits to existing payment methods.

  • To make any edits to existing payment methods, click the pencil icon to the right of the payment method.
  • Click Save after editing any information.


You have completed the steps to Adding/Editing Payment Methods.

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