Update Tax Withholding (W-4)

This guide will cover:

  • Reviewing your W-4.
  • Editing your W-4.

This guide details the steps for completing this process using Employee WyoCloud access.  Note: If you do not see the features described in this guide, your assigned WyoCloud training is likely incomplete.  This training is available within HCM under My Profile > Learning > Required Learning.

Step One

  • Upon logging into WyoCloud from WyoWeb, navigate to My Profile using the Navigator bar in the upper left corner. 

  • Click on My Profile to expand, then click on Pay.

  • The Pay page will appear.  Select Tax Withholding.

Step Two

Review your W-4.

  • Click Federal to open your W-4 as a PDF document.

  • Your W-4 will display.


Step Three

Edit your W-4.

  • From the Tax Withholding page, click on the pencil icon to the right.

  • Complete the form.  Note this form and the required fields may vary from year to year depending on current tax laws.  For guidance on completing the form please consult your tax professional and/or the IRS website.

  • Check the I Agree check box.

  • Click Save.


You have completed the steps to reviewing and editing your W-4.

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