Creating a Job Requisition for a Non-Benefited Position

This guide will cover: 

  • Creating job requisitions for hourly and monthly non-benefited employees.
    • This does not include Graduate Assistants, Temporary Lecturers or Work-study positions.  Those QRG’s can be found here.
    • If creating a requisition for a pooled position monthly, please confirm the hire will meet FLSA guidelines for an exempt position.  Reach out to your recruiter if you have questions.

Although this guide provides steps of the systematic process, the Human Resources Recruiters are available for questions and guidance at any point in the process (307-766-2377).

Requisitions cannot be edited once they have been saved. If you do not have this information gathered before starting the requisition, you will have to start the process over. 


Please Note:

You will need the following information in order to create a requisition:

  • The exact position number before you start the job requisition.
  • Full job description details to include the Job Title, Job Purpose, Essential Duties and Responsibilities, Minimum and Desired Qualifications.
  • The supervisor of the position
  • Search committee members who will assist in the interview or search processes.

As mentioned above, once you click Save and Close, you will not be able to edit the job requisition.


Step One 

Create the Job Requisition.

  • Sign into WyoCloud from WyoWeb
  • From the Home page, navigate to My Team, then click the Hiring icon.

  • From the Job Requisitions page, click Add in the upper right corner to create a requisition.

There are nine steps to complete the requisition.

  • Step 1- How
    • The only field you will complete in Step 1 is the Position field, as Requisition Type, Use and Business Unit will auto populate.
    • Select a position from the Position drop-down list of values.  It is best to type in the specific position number, but you can also search by title or department.
      • Hourly Non-Benefited position numbers are as follows:
        • 7 (Hourly Non-Benefited) + 5-Digit Department Code + Workers' Compensation Code (Ex: Food Service Worker in RLDS - 7310104)
      • Monthly Non-Benefited position numbers are as follows:
        • 6 (Monthly Non-Benefited) + 5-Digit Department Code + Workers' Compensation Code (Ex WY Conservation Corps- 6310104)
      • Workers' Compensation Codes:
      • 1 - Clerical
      • 2 - Professional
      • 3 - Professional w/Lab
      • 4 - Non-Professional (All positions not covered by codes 1 through 3)
    • Once you have identified the correct position, highlight the position details and click Continue.

  • When you click Continue, an Information box will appear informing you that the correct Position Template has been updated.  Click Continue to proceed.

  • Step 2 Basic Info
    •  Verify the Requisition Title defaulted correctly based on the position you previously selected. 
      • You may add a dash (-) with additional information clarification on the requisition title for position, but do not delete the title that populates.
        • Example:  Pooled Position Limited Temporary – Custodial Staff, Pooled Position Monthly – WY Conservation Corps, etc.
    • Number of Openings this will auto populate to Limited and 1.
      • You can change to reflect the number of positions you will be hiring for on this requisition. This can be a limited number or unlimited.
    • Select the best Business Justification that describes why this job is being posted.
    • Provide a brief explanation for justification in the Comments box.
    • Click Continue to proceed.

  • Step 3 Hiring Team
    • Hiring Manager = Supervisor.  The Hiring Manager field will auto populate to whomever is creating the requisition, but needs to reflect the supervisor of the position.  Be sure to update as necessary.

Please note:  If the Hiring Manager field is updated, you will receive the following Warning.

  • Please select No.  By selecting Yes, the department associated with the position number will be changed to match the Hiring Manager’s information, which is not desired at this time.  


  • After you have identified the correct Hiring Manager, you will identify the Recruiter you will be working with throughout the hiring process.  Your recruiter will be the first person listed in the drop-down. Click on the name to populate this field. If you are unsure of who that may be or feel you are assigned to the incorrect recruiter, please see the Recruiter Responsibility page. If your recruiter is not populating correctly, contact HR.

  • There are several Collaborator types; select the appropriate type from the drop-down values and enter their name in the field that appears. Below are descriptions for each type.

  • Collaborator:  Member of the team that may need to have access to the requisition but is not on the search committee.
  • Hiring Manager Assistant:  Individual designated by hiring manager to assist with the system administrative tasks associated with the search process. 
    • Please note:  If you did change the Hiring Manager field, you’ll need to add yourself as a Hiring Manager Assistant in order to have access to the requisition.
  • Recruiter Assistant:  Not applicable for this recruiting type.
  • Decentralized Human Resources (DHR) Representative: DHR for hiring area that may need to view the requisition or ability to track the requisition’s progress or view offer information on the selected candidate.
  • Search Chair: Member managing the search, if different from the Hiring Manager.
  • Search Committee: Member(s) of the search committee, or participant that will be reviewing applications, part of the interviews or a deciding member of the team.
    • Please note: These members should be identified prior to completing the requisition to ensure appropriate training and access to the Hiring module is in place.
  • Workflow Approver:  A team member that is not within manager hierarchy that may be required to review/approve the requisition and/or offer during the process.  Note:  This will be reviewed and populated by the Recruiter.
  • To add additional collaborators, repeat the previous step to add a different type or click the blue hyperlink under the collaborator you just added for more of the same.
  • Click Continue to proceed.

  • Step 4 Requisition Structure
    • Recruiting Type will auto populate based on the position you selected in Step 1.  Verify the information is correct.
    • Primary Location will default to the United States; no action required.
      • Please note:  Jobs not located on the main campus in Laramie will need to have language in the Posting Description (Step 6) identifying where the job will be located.
    • Click Continue to proceed.

  • Step 5 Details
  • Complete the required fields identified by the blue asterisk*
    • Job Shift: Normal shift for position
    • *Direct Hire: Indicate whether this will be a direct hire.
    • Direct Hire/Exception to Posting Name:  Type the name of the individual being hired by Direct Hire or Exception to Posting.
    • *Requires Background Check:  A Background Check is required for all employees that meet certain job-related criteria.  Please see our Background Check Policy.
      • Background checks will be required for those hired into position in which any of the following work is involved:
        • Handling financial, student, or personnel data or information.
        • Confidential or sensitive data or information.
        • Handling cash, checks, and/or credit card transactions.
        • Providing services to anyone under age 18.
        • Possessing keys/codes or other means of entry to living or workspaces.
        • Working with hazardous materials.

Note: If a background check is required, the candidate cannot start work until the background check is completed.

  • *Requires Motor Vehicle Check:  A Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) check is required for all employees that will drive for UW business.  The MVR policy can be found here.
  • *Pay Basis: Non-Benefited Hourly Rate
  • *Pay Basis Amount: It is recommended you enter the BUDGETED salary for this position.
  • Posted Salary Range:  Salary range displayed on the job posting visible for candidates to see.  This should be reflective of the available budget you have for this position.
  • *Funding Information:  Enter the funding string designated for this position.  Information entered here is for approval reference only. Official costing is done via the HCM Funding Form.
  • *Schedule (Hours Per Week): Hours worked per week.
  • Student Position:  Indicate whether this is a student position. 
    • If you select Yes, only full-time students will be able to apply.
  • Click Continue to proceed.

  • Step 6 Posting Description
    • Internal Short Description – Add a short description of the position to grab applicant’s attention.  This should be 2-4 sentences.
    • Internal Description – This will auto populate with a template that needs to be reviewed and updated. 
      • Job Title, Job Purpose and Essential Duties are required fields.  They must be filled out for the requisition to be approved and posted.
      • Review the job description and clarify minimum qualifications, add desired qualifications and any additional required materials needed.
        • Please specify what minimum experience is required.
          • Example: 1 year of experience vs. 1 year of office related experience vs. 1 year of customer service experience.
        • Please indicate if candidates with an equivalent combination of education and work experience will be considered.
      • You can add verbiage to make the job more specific to your area, but please do not delete anything. If a field does not apply, please enter N/A.
    • Confirm the “Same Description for Internal and External” box is checked as this eliminates the need to populate both an internal and external job description.
    • Click Continue to proceed.

  • Step 7 Offer Info
    • Both Department and Primary Work Location will auto populate based on organizational information.  Verify the information is correct.
    • Click Continue to proceed.

  • Step 8 Attachments
    • Please attach any applicable documentation.  These will not be visible on the job posting.
      • Examples include:
        • Direct Hire Candidate Resume/CV
        • Direct Hire Supporting Documentation
    • Click Continue to proceed.

  • Step 9 Questionnaires
    • This block auto populates the required Internal and External Prescreening Questionnaires.
    • Click the drop-down arrow in the box under Add Question to add additional Internal or External Prescreening Questions from the pre-approved library. 
      • You can start typing a keyword to find associated library questions to select from. 
        • If you add a question to the Internal section, you will need to add the same question to the External section as well.
    • Disregard the Interview Questionnaire section.


Step Two

Save the Job Requisition for Human Resources review and approval.


Important:  Once you click Save and Close, you will not be able to edit your requisition, so be sure all the information is accurate before clicking Save and Close

  • You can review the information at any step by clicking the Edit button.

To submit the job requisition to HR for review, click Save and Close at the top of the page.

  • Once saved, your Recruiter will review and route for approvals. After it’s been approved and posted, your Recruiter will send you a notification with the application link for your position.


You have completed the steps to Creating a Job Requisition for a Non-Benefited Position.

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