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Create Procurement Catalogs Requisition, Purchasing from Office Depot with a Procurement Card (P-Card)


Create a Non-Catalog Requisition; Create Non-Catalog Requisition Shopping List, Modify the Requisition (Prior to Becoming a Purchase Order)

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Pinned Article Create a Subaward Requisition for a Sponsored Program

This guide will cover what to know prior to creating a subaward for a sponsored program and the steps on creating a subaward requisition in WyoCloud.

Pinned Article Setting Preferences and Favorite Accounts for Requisitions

How to set frequently used chart strings and POET information as favorites in the Requisition Shop. Utilizing previously created favorite chart strings and POET information when entering billing information into a requisition. Requisition preferences allow for updating Deliver-to Location,a critical step to ensure proper delivery of goods.

Correcting a Receipt

Correcting the amount for a previously receipted good or service.

Receiving Goods & Services

How to receive goods and services.

Edit Purchase Orders (Change Orders)

How to modify and manage existing purchase orders through the change order process.

Changing the Requester on Requisitions

Reassigning all your requisitions to another user to allow for other individual to manage through remainder of procure to pay process. This will only change requistions that are still in an open status.

Monitoring the Procure-to-Pay Process within WyoCloud (Requisition/PO Status)

The procure-to-pay process within WyoCloud. Tracking a transaction from requisition submission through purchase order then payment.